Space Service Center

Центр космических услуг
Head of the center

Kochergin Gleb

+7 (3467) 360-100 (6061)

About the center

SSC is intended to provide integrated services based on the use of space activities, modern geo-information and web-portal technologies, high-precision and updated spatial information, and to acquire, store and provide information on the basis of space activities to the interested users.

The main purposes of SSC

Processing, archiving and distributing information from the Russian Earth remote sensing satellite apparatusprovided by Scientific Center for Earth Operational Monitoring of OJSC “Russian Space Systems” which is the operator of the Russian satellites.

Developingalgorithms for thematic processing and analysis of satellite images for the purpose ofenvironment monitoringin directions, which are relevant for autonomous district.

Development and formation of cartographical services on the basis of thematic processing of Earth remote sensing data and publication on public geoportal cartographical resources.

Creating and maintaining territorial, branch and other geospatial databases, thematic layers, information systems, including ones using GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) /GPS (Global Positioning System/Satellite).

Conductingresearch and applied works in the field of space activity, information and communication technologies and geographic information systems.

Participation in conferences, innovative fairs and forums with representation of scientific and technical inventions and the SSC innovative projects.

Qualification improvement and professional retraining of governmental and municipal employees of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug in the area of space activities, information and communication technologies.

628011, Khanty-Mansiysk,
Mira St., 151