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building of Ugra research Institute of information technologies

Autonomous institution of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra "Yugorsky research Institute of information technologies" was established by order of the government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra on October 2, 2008 N418-RP.

Specialists of the Institute are engaged in applied scientific research in the field of information technologies. Development is underway in several areas: information and space and geoinformation technologies; information security; creation of information and telecommunication systems and educational activities.

History of the Institute

  • By the decision of the Government of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, Andrey Melnikov was assigned as the Institute director
  • Project of the Institute “Automated Information system for search and analysis of information in the Internet” was acknowledged as the best in nomination “IT for safety provision” of all-Russain contest “PROF-IT 2017”
  • During the IX International IT Forum with BRICS and SCO participation the Institute signed the Memorandum of understanding with Indian Center for Development and Advanced Computing
  • Center of Development of Applied Software made a mobile application for emergent situations called “112 Ugra”


  • Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russian Federation approved a professional standard “Specialist on application of geoinfprmation systems and technologies for solving the tasks of State and Municipal level” . The standard was developed with participation and support of Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies
  • The Institute programmer Kilrill Glukhov won the contest of “Engineer of a Year -2015” held by Russian Union of scientific and engineering associations
  • The Institute technically supported to the historic and geographic expedition of “The Great Northern Way - 2016”


  • URIIT won the grant the Russian Foundation for Basic Research on carrying out the Second All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference "Geo-information Technologies in Addressing of Rational Nature Management Tasks"
  • URIIT became the official partner of the Arctic Car expedition "Arctic attraction - Taimyr ring." URIIT provided technical support and supplied the participants with the equipment for satellite tracking of the expedition location and movement.
  • URIIT Center for Computer Competence developed software designed to search for information resources containing materials or propaganda of extremist and terrorist activities and their distribution on the Internet.
  • URIIT Director became a member the Trustees Board of Ugra State University.
  • The work of young scientists in Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies was honored with the third degree diploma the All-Russian Youth Scientific and Practical Conference "The VostochnyCosmodromeand Prospects for Russian Cosmonautics Development", held by the Federal Space Agency.
  • URIIT became a member of the VII International IT-Forum with the BRICS and the SCO countries.


  • Certification Center of Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous Okrug (Ugra) joined the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms.
  • A system of professional standards in the field of using space activity results was formed with the participation of URIIT.
  • Center for Computer Competence was established on the premises of URIIT. Its main task is to prevent extremist and terrorist activity on the Internet.
  • Director of URIIT Alexander Zykov was awarded the medal "For Cooperation in the Name of Rescue".


  • A new web site "Physics for pupils" was created.
  • Decree of the Ugra Government appointed Alexander Zykov to the position of the institute director.
  • The External Department "Geo-information Systems and Databases" for training students was created in cooperation with Ugra State University.
  • The All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Geo-Information Technologies in Addressing Rational Nature Management Tasks" was organized and successfully held.
  • Center for Space Services of Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous Okrug was established on the premises of URIIT.
  • URIIT became a member of the Coordination and Methodological Council of Licensee-Organizations under FSTEC of Russia and FSB of Russia, located within the Ural Federal District, carrying out activities in the field of information security.


  • Certification Center of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug was accredited and added into the system of certification centers of government authorities.
  • URIIT received the license the Regional Office of Russian Federation Security Service in the Tyumen region for performing a set of works on creating confidential information protection systems.


  • URIIT got the license of the Service for Control and Supervision in Education of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug for conducting educational in information security.
  • URIIT marked 10 years since its establishment. During this time, the scientific and technical projects of regional, federal and international importance were established.


  • The Institute specialists put another network segment of multi-service specialized communication network for government authorities of Ugra into operation.
  • The Institute was awarded a gold medal "Innovation - 2010" at the V Ural Venture Fair "Innovations 2010" (Ekaterinburg).
  • URIIT server of distance education launched "Unified State Examination Online" service.


  • The Institute trained the first tax consultants of Ugra.
  • The scientists of URIIT received a three-year grant for conducting fundamental research in mathematical geophysics.


  • The first participants of the training course "Electronic Citizen" were successfully tested.
  • URIIT got the license the Russian Ministry for General Professional Education for carrying out postgraduate education in specialty 05.13.18 "Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Systems".
  • The Institute was awarded a gold medal "For Achievements in Scientific and Technical Creativity" at the II International Exhibition and Congress "Advanced Technologies of the XXI century".
  • Specialists of the Institute held the thousandth telemedicine consultation.
  • URIIT was declared the winner in "Science and Environment" nomination at the regional contest "Business Leader of Ugra - 2008" and was awarded the first place diploma and  a "Golden Mercury" statuette.


  • The Center of Education Informatization was established at the Institute.
  • The Institute realized the system of distance education for the regional telemedicine system of Ugra in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug for the first time.
  • Certification Center of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug was opened on the premises of URIIT.
  • URIIT developed its own software system for satellite monitoring of vehicles «Global Track» using the latest advances in satellite, information and communication technologies.
  • Director Gennady Erokhin became a member Scientific Coordination Council under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


  • URIIT cooperated with General Electric Healthcare Technologies (USA) and Rabin Medical Centre (Israel) on the creation of infrastructure and communication nerwork in the field of public health on the territory of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.
  • The Institute created the up-to-date technology of hydrocarbon deposits development.
  • Information system of remote telemedicine consultations was put into operation.


  • URIIT received a grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for scientific and research project "Development of a comprehensive technology for search and exploration of hydrocarbons in structurally complex, deep-seated deposits".
  • Urga Center of Nanotechnologies was opened.
  • Urga Center of Technologies Transfer was created.
  • The First Summer School "Young Information Scientist of Ugra" was held at the Institute.
  • Station for receiving and processing data from ERS radar satellites of the European Space Agencywas put into operation.
  • URIIT received accreditation for the right to provide additional educational services.


  • URIIT got the license of the Russian Federation Security Service (number B 306 988 461 from 15.06.2004) for activities connected with the use of information constituting a state secret.
  • Center for Remote Sensing of the Earth was established.


  • The Electronic Reading Room of URIIT was opened.
  • URIIT was licensed to conduct postgraduate education.


  • The opening of Ugra Physical and Mathematical School in Khanty-Mansiiskwas initiated by the Institute scientists.
  • Supercomputer Center was opened on the premises of the Institute.
  • The largest in Russia receiving complex in space monitoring PC-9 was established on the roof of the Institute building.
  • Institute Scientific Council approved the first grant holders of Foundation forSupport of Education and Science (Alferov’s Foundation) from Ugra.


  • Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies was created by the Decision of the Government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.
  • Certificate of state accreditation was received.


  • ЮНИИ ИТ получил Грант Российского научного фонда для проведения научных исследований по теме "Технология энтропийно-рандомизированного прогнозирования динамики метана в термокарстовых озерах зоны многолетней мерзлоты в условиях современных климатических изменений"
  • Команда ЮНИИ ИТ стала лауреатом премии «Внимание – Цифра» первого всероссийского конкурса информационных, просветительских и образовательных проектов. Победы удостоился «Интерактивный курс повышения осведомленности в области информационной безопасности».


  • ЮНИИ ИТ отметил 20-летний Юбилей
  • Команда ЮНИИ ИТ приняла участие в конкурсе Аналитического центра при Правительстве РФ по отбору центров в сфере искусственного интеллекта и представила свой центр сильного ИИ. По итогам конкурса Центр ИИ ЮНИИ ИТ вошел в топ-9
  • Доктору физико-математических наук, главному научному сотруднику Центра космических услуг ЮНИИ ИТ Юрию Полищуку присвоено почетное звание «Заслуженный деятель науки Югры»
  • ЮНИИ ИТ представил актуальные проекты в нефтегазовой отрасли на Экспо 2020 в Дубае
  • Центром космических услуг было выявлено 1522 потенциальных нарушения при освоении лесных участков
  • Центром сетевых технологий и телекоммуникаций было проведено 1236 сеансов видеоконференцсвязи
  • Центром обеспечения защиты информации было обработано 7500 инцидентов
  • Специалистами ЮНИИ ИТ было обработано 16060 заявок на техническую поддержку, организацию и проведение онлайн мероприятий


  • Проведен ряд мероприятий в онлайн-формате, в числе которых Цифровая неделя, EdCrunch, Югорский хакатон «Хантатон-2020», Всероссийский форум «Вместе–ради детей!»
  • IT-решение, разработанное специалистами ЮНИИ ИТ, вошло в ТОП-10 финального этапа World AI&Data Challenge. Проект: Интеллектуальный алгоритм автоматизированной обработки обращений граждан
  • Более 5000 югорчан повысили IT-компетенции в онлайн-формате
  • ЮНИИ ИТ представил новую услугу - электронная подпись для подачи документов в ВУЗы и ССУЗы
  • 112 Югорских школьников закончили первый учебный год в «Яндекс.Лицей»
  • Сотрудниками ЮНИИ ИТ был разработан онлайн-курс «Удаленная работа или жизнь в непривычных условиях»
  • Совместно с Лабораторией Касперского был проведен мастер-класс для младших школьников «Я и безопасный Интернет»
  • Сотрудники ЮНИИ ИТ были отмечены почетными грамотами и благодарностями государственного уровня


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